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Update: February 3, 2020

Donation from Sister City, Düsseldorf

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January, 2020 

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CHI-BA+KUN, Chiba Prefecture's mascot character, holding Chiba Prefecture and Düsseldorf City’s Official Flags

Chiba Prefecture received a donation from Düsseldorf’s citizens, companies etc. to its residents who were affected by Typhoons 15, 19 and the heavy rains brought by Typhoon 21 in 2019. Lord Mayor Geisel called on the citizens to support them and the funds were successfully accumulated (Article in German on Düsseldorf City’s website( External link ), will open in separate window).

Governor Morita would like to express his thanks directly to the citizens of Düsseldorf, but as he is unable to do that now, his appreciative message is posted below .

*For details regarding the exchanges between Chiba Prefecture and Düsseldorf, please visit the page below.

Exchanges with Düsseldorf

1   Donors

Düsseldorf citizens, Institutes, Foundations, Companies and the City Government

2   Amount

8,852,078 yen(73,835 euro、1 euro=119.89 yen)

From that amount, 2,857,578 yen(23,835 euro)from citizens

                             5,994,500 yen (50,000 euro)from the city government

(Funds from the city government were unanimously decided by the City Assembly on November 28, 2019)

3    Receiving Date


4    Appreciative Message from the Governor

January, 2020

Dear Citizens of Düsseldorf,


I am deeply grateful for your gracious donation for victims of the recent typhoons and heavy rains in Chiba.

Due to record-breaking heavy rains and gusts caused by typhoons starting in last September, there have been widespread and long-lasting power and water outages, flooding, mudslides, as well as damage to over 60,000 houses. Chiba’s industries, such as agriculture, forestry and fishery, were also damaged enormously.

In each disaster area, people are making utmost efforts to rebuild their lives and revive industry thanks to a lot of support. As the Chiba Prefectural Government, we will continue to work further as one team in order to realize recovery and reconstruction.

We will send your donation to the victims as soon as possible. I am sure that your thoughtful consideration for Partnerpräfektur residents will encourage the victims greatly despite the distance and further strengthen the bond between Düsseldorf and Chiba Prefecture.

Let me reiterate my sincere appreciation to your kindness and sympathy.

MORITA Kensaku,

Governor of Chiba Prefecture

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