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Update: October 22, 2021

Subsidies for Office and Facility Leases

Chiba Prefecture subsidizes one-third of the annual rent for offices or other facilities with a limit of 600 thousand yen for business with less than 5 employees and 1.8 million yen for companies with 5 or more employees (for the first year only).  The program is available to foreign-affiliated companies that choose to lease offices and research and development facilities in Chiba Prefecture.


Companies must fit one of the following cases:
(1) Foreign-affiliated companies that are transferring their head offices and other central operations from another prefecture to Chiba Prefecture.
(2) Foreign-affiliated companies that are entering Chiba prefecture from abroad for the first time.

In addition, companies must also satisfy the following conditions:
(a) Must contribute to the advancement of Chiba Prefecture’s Promotion Strategy for New Industries (Cluster Plan), as approved by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture.
(b) Must sign at least a one-year lease agreement for offices or other facilities in Chiba Prefecture and must also have plans to do business in Chiba Prefecture for at least three years.

*Definition of Foreign-Affiliated Company
A company established under the laws and regulations of a foreign country for the purpose of generating profits (“foreign company” hereof). It also refers to a Japanese company established by a foreign company that retains more than one-third investment ratio. Offices of organizations other than profit-making companies are excluded, such as offices of foreign governments, public agencies and non-profit organizations.  


Companies must apply prior to finalizing the lease agreement.  
For more information;

Investment Promotion Division
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*note:  Terms and conditions will be changed without prior notice.

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