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Update: March 26, 2019

Leisure Activities

In Chiba Prefecture, where the weather is mild even in winter, spring arrives a bit early, bringing the flowers with it. Starting with the cheery yellow of the nanohana in February, the prefecture is eventually covered with flowers of every color, with the vivid irises coming out in early summer.

The ocean that surrounds us also shows us different faces with each season, giving opportunities for fishing, surfing, and scuba diving, and refreshes our minds and bodies with a cool sea breeze.  

  • The Isumi Railway, a lokal train  which runs through Isumi City and Otaki Town in the Boso Peninsula.
  • Inubosaki Lighthouse(Choshi City)
  • Famous fall foliage in Yoro Valley(Ichihara City and Otaki Town)
  • Suigo Sawara Ayame Park(Katori City)
  • Mt. Nokogiri, with its incredible view of Tokyo Bay and Chiba's scenic hills(Futtsu Cirty and Kyonan Town)
  • The surfers of Tsurigasaki Beach(Ichinomiya Town, 2020 Tokyo Olympics surfing event location)

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