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Update: March 26, 2019

Bountiful Land and Sea

With a mild climate, rich soil, and bountiful seas,  Chiba  ranks  4th  for  fishing,  and is a leading prefecture in fishing and agriculture.

Peanuts, Japanese radishes, carrots, nashi pears, loquats, strawberries, Japanese spiny lobsters, nori seaweed, sardines, and much more- Chiba is truly a treasure house of delicious vegetables, fruits, and seafood.

1.Food, the Foundation of Health

To provide reassuringly safe foods that are as fresh as possible to our consumers, the Chiba Prefectural Government has started the "the local consumption of locally produced goods" dietary education initiative to raise our children to treasure food.

2.Food Safety and Environmental Preservation

The ‘GAP’ system, which ensures the safety of agricultural products, is being used.
In addition, the “Chiba Eco-Produce” certification system has been implemented which has reduced pesticide use by more than half, promoting environmentally friendly agriculture.

3.From "Edo's Pantry" to the "World’s Pantry"

In the Edo Period(1603~1867), Chiba was known as "Edo's Pantry" thanks to its abundant farmlands and close proximity to the capital, Edo (presentday Tokyo). Nowadays, via Narita International Airport, we deliver our high quality, safety-guaranteed agricultural and marine products not just to Tokyo, but to the world over.

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