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Update: March 26, 2019

Competitive Industry, Innovative Businesses

Chiba Prefecture has 7th largest amount of manufactured products shipments, valued at around 12.67 trillion yen in a 2015 survey. The Keiyo Coastline Industrial Belt has a large number of raw materials and energy industries, and one of its special characteristics is a concentration of heavy chemical industries. There are also a large number of small and medium size businesses which develop and produce excellent and creative products.

1.The Keiyo Coastline Industrial Belt
~A Concentration of First Class Materials and Energy Industries~

The Keiyo Coastline Industrial Belt, a densely concentrated 40-km strip with over 200 steel plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, power generation facilities, and other heavy industries along Tokyo Bay, provides precious raw materials and energy to a variety of industries.

Today it faces two big challenges: keeping up with low-cost competition in Asia and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

Each industry is continuing their ceaseless efforts to increase productivity, and keep adding value to their high quality products while conserving energy and resources. You can expect the Keiyo Coastline Industrial Belt to continue to develop as one of the leading high-tech industrial complexes in the world.

2.Supporting Small Businesses That Support Communities

Chiba Prefecture is home to a large number of small and mid-sized businesses whose creativity and "one-of-a-kind" craftsmanship produces goods that are popular across the world. They also play a large role in contributing to local economies.

However, due to issues like globalization leading to intensification of competition, a shrinking domestic market, caused by an aging population and declining birthrate, and the difficulty of finding successors, smaller businesses are facing a harsher and harsher environment every year.

Based on a long-term small and mid-sized business vitalization strategy, Chiba provides continuous support for the establishment, growth, and development of small businesses, by promoting the use of local resources by local businesses, and providing support in employee training and procurement, so that our small businesses can keep up with the changes around them.

3.Unique Ideas and Excellent Craftsmanship

We cultivate the market for high quality products produced by small and mid-sized companies by designating them under our “Monozukuri” Certified Goods system.

  • Children’s wheelchair for enjoying sports safely and comfortably
  • Utilize the uniqueness of natural wood to make smooth flooring
  • High powered carbon clad roll using new and improved thin film geared towards lithium battery separator manufacturing equipment
  • A press machine which revolutionizes metalworking manufacturing environments, a metal sheet washes used for laser processing


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