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Update:April 7, 2015

Lot Listing - Futtsu - Lot Outline


Outline of Futtsu District Industrial Land

 Futtsu District Industrial Land lies about 12 km south of the Tokyo Wan Aqualine (Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway) and within 50 km of central Tokyo.

 Access to central Tokyo and western Japan has dramatically improved since opening of Tokyo Wan Aqualine which cut the driving time to about one hour, and 70 minutes to the Yokohama-Machida Interchange of the Tomei Expressway.

 The site is not only equipped with a public port facility capable of handling cargo ships up to 5,000 tons , but also offers asupply of industrial water. 


Shintomi, Futtsu-shi (reclaimed land)

Industrial park area

  • Total area             approx. 663 ha
  • Industrial plot area approx. 380 ha

Area for sale

Approx. 8.5ha

Plots can be subdivided

Area Classification

Industrial Area and Semi-industrial area

  • Building coverage 60%
  • Floor area ratio 200%

Reference price



  • Roads

Approx. 6 km from Kisarazu-Minami IC on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway Tateyama Line

Approx. 1 km from R16

  • Railways

Approx. 2 km from Aohori Stn. on the JR Uchibo Line

Water supply

  • Industrial water 1,300m3/day
  • Waterworks      3,490m3/day


Discharge into the public sewage disposal system after treatment to the specified waste water standard by each property owner.


  • Normal high voltage 6 kV
  • Special high voltage 66 kV

(laying of new service wires required)

Area designation

Land for industrial use based on the "Industrial Location Law"

Port facilities

  • Pier area 7.7 ha
  • Public berths -5.5m 360m -7.5m 260m

Preferential measures

Eligible for low-interest loans from the Electric Power Development Financing System
(Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business)
(Development Bank of Japan )

Subsidies and loans (Prefecture)

Designated Factory Land (National Tax)

Prefecture Development & Area
(National & Prefectual Taxes)


  • For details click

Preferential System( External link ).

Type of business

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Distributing industry


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