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Update: November 7, 2019

Chiba Cultural Assets

The Olympics and Paralympics are not only a sports ceremony, but also a cultural festival.

Using the Games as a chance to rediscover the cultural appeal of Chiba Prefecture, we have selected “Chiba Cultural Assets” with the help of Chiba Citizens.

By holding a number of events linked to the “Chiba Cultural Assets”, we are aiming to spread the cultural charms of Chiba Prefecture to the world and lead the invigoration of local areas.



What are “Chiba Cultural Assets”?

“Chiba Cultural Assets” are objects and experiences that characterize the various rich beauties of Chiba Culture. The Assets were selected with Chiba Citizens from among numerous other Chiba Cultural Assets. The Assets are not limited to traditional items, but also include modern architecture, scenery, and other objects and experiences that spread the cultural appeal of Chiba Prefecture.


Introducing the “Chiba Cultural Assets”

Guide to the Chiba Cultural Assets(PDF:5,433KB)

Separated parts of guide are available below.

  1. Front cover / Back cover(JPG:974KB)
  2. Table of contents(JPG:1,006KB)
  3. Page 4,5(JPG:1,156KB)
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  5. Page 8,9(JPG:1,080KB)
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