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Update: November 15, 2021

Chiba Nanohana News (November 2021)


I. News    II. Charm of Chiba    III. Festivals and Events

 I. News

1) Countermeasures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

The Chiba Prefectural Government has presented a list of COVID-19 countermeasures to prevent the spread of infection in the Prefecture from October 25 to November 30, 2021. The contents will be reviewed as necessary according to the situation of infection rates. 


II. Charm of Chiba

1) “Thank You ❤ Chiba Free Pass” Now for Sale (until November 29)

To make sightseeing for residents of Chiba Prefecture easier, the “Thank You ❤ Chiba Free Pass,” a transportation pass which offers unlimited rides for two days on the JR lines, local trains, some buses, and ferries in Chiba, is for sale until Monday, November 29!

After thoroughly following COVID-19 infection countermeasures, how about taking advantage of the “Thank You ❤ Chiba Free Pass” and enjoying the beauty of Chiba’s vivid fall colors to the fullest?

  • Price: Adult 3,970 yen, Children 1,980 yen 
  • Retail locations: Major JR East stations in Chiba Prefecture (only available at reserved-seat ticket machines)  
  • Period of sale: Now until Monday, November 29, 2021 
  • Period of use: Valid until Tuesday, November 30, 2021
    ※Valid for two consecutive days
  • Available routes with the pass:
  1. Railway: JR East Lines in Chiba Prefecture, Kominato Railway, Isumi Railway, Choshi Electric Railway, & Ryutetsu Railway
  2. Bus: Designated routes for Kominato Railway, Kujukuri Railway, JR Bus East, Chibakotsu, Nitto Kotsu, and Keisei Taxi Narita; Limited-time excursion bus “BOSO Satoyama GO”
  3. Boat: Tokyo Bay Ferry (Kanaya Port - Kurihama Port)
    ※Using the pass for a round trip from Kanaya Port is also possible
  • Inquiries: JR East Customer Service Center (TEL: 050-2016-1600)
    ※Hours: 6:00 a.m. – Midnight

2) Chiba’s Fall Colors

As fall intensifies, the color changing leaves spread. Take a journey that will enrich your heart to the colorful Boso! We will introduce the many spots where you can see koyo, also known as the changing fall leaves in Chiba.

Matsudo City / Tojogaoka Historical Park

matsudo tojogaoka

Selected as one of “Japan’s Top 100 Historical Parks,” the park is home to the Tojo Museum of History, which displays items related to Akitake Tokugawa, the brother of the last shogun in the Edo Shogunate. The park has Akitake’s former residence and a beautiful garden, which is a nationally designated Site of Scenic Beauty. Along with the seasonal vegetation, the momiji (maple) leaves begin to change into beautiful colors in the fall.

  • Peak viewing time: Late November - Early December
  • Location: 714-1 Matsudo, Matsudo City

Katori City/Kanpukuji Temple

katori kanpukuji

Kanpukuji Temple is one of the three Great Daishi (Anti-Evil Temples) of Japan. Here you can see the grave of Ino Tadataka, who drew the first map of Japan by surveying the country on foot through measured steps in the Edo period. Kanpukuji Temple is known for its beautiful views during every season.

  • Peak viewing time: Late November - Early December
  • Location: 1752, Makino, Katori City

Kamogawa City / Shiroiwa・Yomogi Fudo Waterfall

kamogawa shiroiwa yomogifudo

Shiroiwa is a famous spot to see the beautiful changing fall leaves which borders Kamogawa City and Kimitsu City. The congruent contrast of the bare rocks’ pure white color against the red leaves creates a wonderful scene. The bamboo and cedar deep within the forest area around Yomogi Fudo Waterfall truly is an unexplored landscape. As you head upstream, you are lead into a deep gorge where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the colored leaves in early winter alongside the waterfall.

  • Peak viewing time: Late November - Early December
  • Location: Yomogi, Kamogawa City

Otaki Town / Awamata Waterfall

otaki awamata waterfall

Located upstream, Awamata Waterfall boasts having the best scenery in the Yoro Valley. Awamata Waterfall is also referred to as Kazusa Yoro Waterfall. Stretching 100m in length with a 30m drop, the scene of the waterfall flowing down is definitely worth

checking out! On the promenade leading to the waterfall, visitors can see momiji, urushi, kunugi, and nara trees painted with spectacular views of red and yellow during the koyo season.

  • Peak viewing time: Late November - Early December
  • Location: Awamata, Otaki Town, Isumi-gun

Kimitsu City / Koyo at Lake Kameyama

kameyamako koyo

Vivid colors of the fall leaves cover the lakeside and gorge at Lake Kameyama. Lake Kameyama is full of many attractions such as the Inokawa Valley and Shichirigawa Valley hiking course. You can appreciate the lake dyed by the reflection of the colored leaves not only while on a walk but even on a cruise or bicycle.  

  • Peak viewing time: Mid November - Early December
  • Location: Around Lake Kameyama, 8 Kawamata Kyu Kawamata, Kimitsu City

III. Festivals and Events

1) Performances and concert by the groups originally scheduled to perform at “Celebration,” an event for the Olympic and Paralympic torch relay 
~Be impressed once more! [ARIGATO TOKYO 2020] Festival~

lgnition ceremony

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the torch relay scheduled to take place on public roads in Chiba Prefecture for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games was cancelled. As a result, all scheduled events to promote and support the torch relay were also cancelled.

Therefore, the Prefecture will hold an event for performances of the groups that were originally scheduled for the torch relay-related events, as well as hold a concert of songs associated with the Games at the Chiba Prefectural Culture Hall on Sunday, November 28. In addition, there will be interviews with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, an exhibition of torches from the relay, and an introduction of the efforts made by schools which received the I’mPOSSIBLE Award.


dantaishasin yoseatume

1.Performances by groups that were scheduled to appear at “Celebration,” an event for the Olympic and Paralympic torch relay   
  • Performance by the Kisarazu Sogo High School Brass Band Club
  • Performance of Choshi Hane Taiko Drumming, Choshi Tairyobushi (Fishermen’s Folk Songs) & Choshi Hanekomi Taiko Drumming
  • Dance and Japanese drum performance of the Tokyo Gorin Ondo 2020 by the Matsudo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women’s Association & Koganehara 9 Taiko
  • Performance by the Kanto Japan Baton Twirling Association
2. Interviews with Olympic and Paralympic athletes

Interviewees: Wataru Tanigawa (Gymnastics)  
                     Yasuhiro Sasaki (Football 5-a-side)

3. Concert by the Chiba Symphony Orchestra
4. All-Chiba Hospitality Group Talk Show & Mini Live

Performers: Airi Suzuki
                  Robin Shoko Okada
                  Aya Kajishima

5. Other

An exhibition of torches used in the torch relays and an introduction of the I’mPOSSIBLE Award-winning schools’ efforts and activities of city volunteers, etc.
(* Note) I'mPOSSIBLE Award: This is an award presented to schools and other organizations that have made significant contributions to a more inclusive society through the Paralympic Movement.


  • Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021 1:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • Location: Chiba Prefectural Culture Hall, Large Hall
    (11-2 Ichibacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City)
  • Cost: Free (advanced registration required)  
  • How to apply: Please apply via return postcard or application form (Japanese) on the event website.外部サイトへのリンク
    (Deadline: the application must arrive by Friday, November 12. Participants will be selected via lottery in the case there are too many applicants.
  • Inquiries: Cultural Promotion and Citizen’s Life Affairs Division, Chiba Prefectural Government;  TEL: 043-223-2406

* Please wear a mask and follow all COVID-19 countermeasures. If you are not feeling well, please refrain from attending the event.



I. News     II. Charm of Chiba    III. Festivals and Events



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