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Update:June 12, 2015

Disaster Related Information

Great East Japan Earthquake Information

Results of Radiation Measurements of Air, Tap Water, Atmospheric Dust and Rain

Radiation measurements of air, tap water, atmospheric dust and rain taken at Chiba Prefecture Environmental Research Center in Ichihara City

Air radiation levels as of:
  June 10th , 2015
  • 1m above ground: 0.05 μsv/h
  • 0.5m above ground: 0.05 μsv/h  
Air radiation measurements taken from monitoring posts in Ichihara City and Asahi City

Please refer to the website below:

http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~c-post/air/data.html( External link )   

 Results of Chiba Agricultural Products Radiation Survey

The amount of radiation in agricultural products in Chiba Prefecture is being measured to assure safety.

Present tests show that the levels of radioactive Cesium are below the Standards( *)as of:


    May 29th , 2015  

*  Standards for vegetables

  • Radioactive Cesium:   100 Bq/kg

*For details please see the link below.

Chiba Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Department Safe and Sustainable Agriculture Promotion Division Website (Japanese)

 Marine Products Monitoring Results

 Marine products are being monitored in Chiba Prefecture.

 The results of present tests show that the levels of radioactive Iodine and Cesium in marine products are below the Provisional Standards as of:


  June  8th, 2015 

According to tests, saltwater fish allowed for distribution do not exceed the radiation standards of 100 Bq/kg.

Regarding freshwater fish, carp, crucian carp and stone moroko from Lake Teganuma and eel form the Edogawa River as well as crucian carp and eel from the Tonegawa River have exceeded the radiation standards; however, a voluntary stop on the shipment of fish is already being conducted.

Chiba Prefecture will continue to monitor the radiation levels in marine products and promptly publish these results in order to ensure the safety of marine products from Chiba Prefecture. We ask that consumers and retailers continue purchasing and business as usual. 


*For details please see the link below.

Chiba Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Department Marine Industries Promotion Division Website (Japanese)

Results of Radiation measurements for seawater at Chiba port

*Please see the link below

Chiba Prefecture Land Development Department Port and Harbor Division Website


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